Grace Church

Grace Church

Area: 17,500 SF
Year Completed: 2022
Client: Grace Church
Market sector: Religious Facility

Building a better community requires leadership and care. Ensuring the health of the community begins with each member: health of body, mind, and spirit. Grace Church Ann Arbor has a mission to promote the health of the soul by evangelization and good works. In order to share their message and grow their community, Grace Church partnered with Yellowstone to revitalize their worship space, craft a children’s bible study area, and provide expanded administrative support for their growing church.

Yellowstone’s design team took the lead in fashioning the interior environment, working seamlessly with Grace Church designers, Third Coast Tech. The first step focused on giving the children a proper environment to learn and develop spiritually. Providing maximum views and daylight, maximizing the natural world and its beauty, bright clues into the nature of reality. Custom graphics gifted from church members are hosted as a portal into the children’s study zone.

Not only did we lead with the vision and design but also with manifesting Grace Church’s vision. Yellowstone’s leadership in construction management and delivery made us an easy choice. Our construction team utilized skilled management and trades to implement all demolition, interior buildout, audio-visual, fire suppression, and custom finishes. The team remained agile throughout construction and showed exemplary flexibility by concurrently training church staff while finalizing installations.

As the Grace Church congregation continues to grow, the Yellowstone team remains dedicated to enhancing the growth and health of our community.