The Thrivery

The Thrivery

Area: 400 SF
Year Completed: 2022
Client: The Thrivery
Market sector: Food Services

Yellowstone is proud to partner with local health-based food services to increase employee retention, enhance satisfaction, and offer options that increase wellbeing. We introduce to you The Thrivery, a fresh approach to building a health-driven professional lifestyle.  

The Thrivery provides grab-and-go offerings for fueling the body on your terms. Each ingredient, purposeful. Each recipe, a story.  The clean, modern aesthetic of the space with white tones, textured tiles, and geometric patterns echoes the ordered harmony of a healthy mindset. You are met with a smile as you witness the thoughtful intention that goes into each provision: how it’s sourced, how it’s prepared, how it’s served.   

Nestled into the heart of 777’s thoroughfare, the Yellowstone team skillfully redesigned stagnant common space and artfully reorganized utility feeds into a seamless, open walk-up concept. Through expert insight and careful planning, the team delivered this bespoke branded buildout in the midst of the building’s main arterial pathways without shutting them down. Despite the added complexity of concurrent construction of adjacent amenity buildouts, Yellowstone delivered on schedule.

Health of the body begins with the health of each member, just as the health of your business begins with the health of each member of the team. Here at Yellowstone, we manifest this and make it our priority.